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About progressive economics

Have you ever thought "If only businesses would ___X___," or "If I had a business, I would ___Y___?" I've spent a lot of time thinking about that stuff lately as I've been trying to start this business. It's small, focused, and fairly simple as businesses go. But as I imagined this coloring book, I also had to imagine how to sell & distribute it, and there have been important choices to make all along the way. I'd like to walk you through some of them so you can better understand what we're trying to do here, in our limited way.

First, the idea of the book required dealing with publishing questions. We could have pitched this to an agent or small publisher to go the traditional publishing route, but we felt like this needed to get out as soon as possible, and traditional publishing can take a long time. Self-publishing has its own benefits and its dangers, but it would give us more control of the timeline.

The other consideration for me, though, was about rewarding creativity financially. It's an old question -- who should profit most from your labor? You or some big business? So 30% of the cost of this book goes to royalties, to support creativity. From what I've seen, it's about twice the norm.

I also wanted the business to be able to give money back to counter the harm being done by the administration. So 8% of the price of the books is donated to progressive causes. And yes, some of that will be deducted as charitable contributions, but we also intend to fund political organizations and Indivisible groups, where donations are not tax-deductible.

Then there are the decisions like printing on recycled paper (because, duh!), or shipping with the US Postal Service (because it's being driven to bankruptcy by the Congressional GOP). And avoiding Amazon -- which could be a great place to get attention & customers -- but which also supports Breitbart and treats its workers like crap.

So we may not always be a polished company with everything functioning smoothly. In fact, I've found this to be a steep learning curve and have screwed up more than once. But we are doing our best to put our values to work. Have other ideas of how we can do that? Feel free to let us know ....


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