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As we noted in our introductory post, and as you all know well, this administration has done substantial harm already. I hope you find the coloring book funny, but none of us can forget how much damage this administration has already done and continues to do. That's why we will donate $1 for every book purchased to non-profits dedicated to mitigating that damage. And nowhere is that destruction more visible and the need more urgent than in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, hit by deadly hurricanes two months ago.

Large swaths of Puerto Rico are still without power, and portions of the island remain without drinking water nearly two months after Hurricane Maria. The situation in the Virgin Islands is equally dire and even less widely-known. And the disaster response has been even more disastrous.

So for every pre-order of our coloring book, we will make a donation to hurricane relief -- divided between the Hispanic Federation and the Fund for the Virgin Islands. And we encourage you to support these relief efforts as well.

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